5 Interior Trends For Every Home

Looking for ways to refresh your home interior? Thinking of where to begin? Let us dive into some interior trends that can shape your living space.


1. Ditch the sofas

In most homes, space constraint is a consideration when deciding on the right interior design. Gone are the days when sofas are a default item in your living room. Most homeowners are exploring smaller, movable seating options such as armchairs or even bean bags. This removes the visual clutter in the living room and provides more walking space.


2. Nature-inspired home

The balcony is often an overlooked area. If space allows, it is an ideal place for a restful evening. Enjoy the breeze that caresses on your tired face. The scenic view helps in alleviating the environmental stress as you pause for a moment to enjoy the tranquillity of nature. Some homeowners might put a swing chair and dedicate the area as a reading corner. Put some potted plants to soften the concrete look of your house. You might discover the corner as a sweet spot after your bedroom.


3. Be bold with your walls

Take a 360 view of your house and you might realise that the wall is one of the largest surface areas other than the floor. Therefore the greatest impact of change is to re-design the wall.  Be bold equates to the design and colour theme. Conventional red brick wall might be the latest trend, consider having a white concrete wall that can portray a cooler touch to the environment.


4. Dynamic furniture

Furniture no longer serves as an accent item. They have increasingly used with multiple functionalities: a sofa that is transformed into a bed in a matter of minutes or a coffee table that can transform into a dining table. These “transformer” furniture set are a good addition. They reduce the number of items in your living space while fulfilling your life aspiration needs.


5. Have an appetite fordiverse material

Innovation in home furnishing focuses on the material that made up the item. Kitchen cabinet can have a diverse design with assorted laminate covering design. Other than parquet flooring, explore vinyl flooring which is waterproof. If the contemporary design is your cup of tea, metallic surface can be applied to your sofa material or a metallic frame for the ceiling spot light to add accent to space.

Explore the excitement of designing your lovely nest and indulge in the process of conceptualising with your interior designer or contact today!

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MAS : Stay Prudent With Property Purchases

The MAS is warning all Singapore property buyers to remain prudent on their purchases. It’s important to keep diverse investments to avoid financial hardship.

Rental Income on the Decline

The MAS notes that rental income is on the decline and suggests that investors look out for signs because they struggle with their mortgages and loans on their investment properties. Fewer people are interested in renting and there are far more vacancies than ever before. Interest rates are also down, which isn’t helping matters.

Rising Political Risks

The problems with the growth in the rental investment industry are partially due to new policymaking. There are more political risks than before, making it harder to implement effective policies to tackle the issue. The idea of being financially stable through investment properties is at a high risk.

Avoid Stretching the Finances

There was a time that stretching the finances for property investments was common. There was a good chance of getting the rental income until loans were paid off. This is becoming less likely now. With more vacancies, investors are struggling to pay off their loans and the MAS is suggesting that those looking to invest in other properties consider cheaper housing and smaller loans. Avoid stretching the budget and make sure loans can be paid back even if nobody is renting the property.

Banks have buffers at the moment, but they are already taking steps to manage the decline in rentals. The MAS suggests that property investors should do the same and diversify their income streams.


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