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Eligibility for Flat Owners

Citizenship Only Singapore Citizens are allowed to sublet the entire HDB flat. Singapore Permanent Resident flat owners are not allowed to do so.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) You can sublet your flat after fulfilling the 5-year MOP. If your flat is non-subsidised (purchased from the open market without a Housing Grant) and purchased before 30 Aug 2010, the MOP is 3 years.

If you are the original purchaser, the MOP is computed from the date of purchase of the flat.

If there has been a resale of part-share/ transfer of flat ownership, the MOP is computed from the effective date of the resale of part-share/ transfer of flat ownership, or the date the owner was included as an authorised occupier of the flat. You can print the confirmation of your eligibility to sublet the whole flat through My HDBPage. (Log in with your SingPass and go to: My Flat > Purchased Flat – Subletting > Subletting of Whole Flat.)

Non-Citizen Conditions for Sub-letting of Flat

You will have to consider the Non-Citizen Quota for Subletting of Flat if any subtenant renting your flat is a non-Malaysian non-citizen (Singapore Permanent Resident or foreigner). The quota is to help maintain a good ethnic mix in HDB estates. Malaysians are not subject to this quota in view of their close cultural and historical similarities with Singaporeans.

The quota is set at 8% at the neighbourhood level and 11% at the block level, and applicable if any subtenant renting the whole flat is a non-Malaysian non-citizen (Singapore Permanent Resident or foreigner) . If the quota is reached, only Singaporeans and Malaysians can rent a flat in that neighbourhood/ block. Note that this quota does not apply to the subletting of bedrooms.

You may use HDB e-Service to check if your flat can be sublet to non-Malaysian non-citizens. The e-Service can also be accessed via the HDB Map Services.

Eligibility for Sub-Tenants


Subtenants must be any of the following:

  • Singapore Citizens
  • Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Non-citizens legally residing in Singapore who are holders of Employment Passes, S Passes, Work Permits, Student Passes, Dependant Passes, or Long-Term Social Visit Passes. These passes must have a validity period of at least 6 months as at the date of your subletting application
  • Work Permit holders from the construction, marine and process sectors must be Malaysians
  • Tourists are not allowed as subtenants of HDB flats

You can check online if your subtenant’s documents are valid:

  • NRIC, Student Pass or Long Term Social Visit Pass
  • Work permit
  • S Pass or Employment Pass

Maximum number of subtenants

These are the maximum number of subtenants allowed in each flat:

Flat Type Total No. of Subtenants
1 room and 2 room 4
3 room 6
4 room and bigger 9

Tenancy and property ownership status Subtenants must not be tenants or owners of other HDB flats unless they are:

  • Divorced/ legally separated. In this case, only 1 party can be a subtenant
  • Owners who are eligible to sublet their whole flat. However, they must sublet their own flat within a month after having sublet a flat from another flat owner

Subtenants must not be owners of Executive Condominium units where the 5-year MOP has not been met.


You must obtain our approval before you sublet your flat. You can submit your application through one of these channels:
  1. My HDBPage
  2. [email protected]
  3. Complete the application form (download here) (with Annex A or Annex B) and post it to the HDB Branch managing your flat.
An administrative fee of $20 applies for each application.
If the flat owner is overseas during the subletting period, a certified true copy of the Power of Attorney must be lodged with the High Court and submitted with the application. Please consult your solicitor to prepare the Power of Attorney according to our standard format.
You must notify us of any changes in the subletting within 7 days of its occurrence. These include changes to your subtenants’ particulars or if your subtenants move out of the flat. For the inclusion of new subtenants, you must obtain HDB’s approval for the change of subtenants before they can move into the flat.
The renewal of an existing subletting approval is considered a new application, and will be assessed according to the policies and regulations.

e-Services for subletting of flat

You can access the following e-Services through My HDBPage (log in using your SingPass and go to: My Flat > Purchased Flat > Subletting):

Useful links :

Note : For more information please check HDB website, or call HDB Rental hotline @ 1800-225-5432. HDB Rental Price Guide :

Private properties owners do not need approval from any authorities unlike HDB owners. However, private residential properties owners are required to adhere to the regulations set by URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority).

Below are the regulations set by URA :

Private residential properties or the rooms within their premises should not be rented out on a short-term basis for less than six months on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Renting out the whole unit or individual rooms for residential purposes is only allowed for long-term stays of six months or more if these conditions are met:

  • no internal partitioning works that alter the layout of the property to create more rooms. Such overcrowding can pose safety concerns
  • in the case of master tenancies or en-bloc leasing-out, there should only be one single tenancy agreement per residential unit to cover the number of occupants for the unit. This does not apply to a single property or individual owner who rents out rooms within his unit to different tenants
  • each occupant should have at least 10 sqm of space. The maximum number of occupants in a residential unit is eight, no matter how big the unit is
    • includes the owner if he is living within the premises
    • does not apply if the unit is occupied by a family who is not renting out the premise in any way

Useful links:

Do your due diligence to verify subtenants documents. Should you be found to harbour illegal immigrants or overstayers,  you risk facing a $6,000 fine or imprisonment of up to 24 months.

Verify tenants’ original work pass or permit, ensure that the particulars in the passport are the same as those in the work pass or permit, and verify that the pass is still valid by checking with the issuing authority. In the event that you have occupants who are on Long Term passes or Students’ passes, visit the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA’s) site (Enquiry ICA) to check their passes’ legitimacy and authencity. In the event that they are on Work passes or Dependant’s passes, you can sign on to (MOM Check Work Pass) to check.

Note : Regulations are taken from URA website.


Model Tenancy Agreeement


Model Tenancy Agreeement


Note : Above documents are provided by CASE.

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